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Away From Home Assurance (AFHA)

Passing away from home is the last thing you'd ever expect to happen, but unfortunately, it happens.


RMP is an authorized agent for the SEPIO Guard Away from Home Assurance service plan.


How It Works

If death occurs 75 miles or more from the legal residence, SEPIO will arrange for the deceased to get back home.

Just simply call SEPIO, and they will get everything in motion while letting you know what's going on every step of the way. If you move, so does your SEPIO Guard Service Agreement ( within the continental United States).




  • Lifetime coverage and protection

  • Return of mortal remains when you are 75 miles or more away from your legal residence, anywhere in the world

  • SEPIO will provide a selected. licensed funeral home to care for the deceased

  • Arrangement of everything for the preparation of the deceased before transport (including embalming or cremation if necessary for lawful transportation) to the selected funeral home

  • No claim forms, no deductions, no age limits, no health questions

  • No transport dollar limits

  • Provide all documents, including customs documents or diplomatic issues involved anywhere in the world



RMP offers this plan for a one-time purchase price of $499 - coverage for life.  Scan the  QR code in the block above to purchase or contact RMP directly. 


For complete details of SEPIO's service- visit 
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